Introduction to Jetset

1.1 Your First Shot with Jetset

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Your first virtual production shot, in seconds instead of weeks!



Turn on the app, and accept the questions about using the camera and microphone.

Move the device back and forth while tilted down at the floor. You’ll see the floor scan and a grid overlay on top of it.

Pick a spot on the floor for the origin, and tap that spot. A red, green, and blue coordinate system will appear.

Click OK to accept this.

Toggle live action and comp to see the default grid overlaid.

Hit Record while in the Comp view. You’ll see the Record button change to a square, and hear a single beep to show the start of recording.

Hit the square button to Stop the recording. You’ll hear a short double beep.

Switch to the Review tab, and you’ll be able to see both the clean live action _cam file and the real time composited _comp file.

Press Play in the Review tab to play the video back.