Jetset Cine

Production redefined.


Jetset Cine uses the Accsoon SeeMo converter to bring live HDMI or HDSDI video from your cine camera directly into Jetset.

This revolutionary combination turns your iPhone and cine camera into a completely integrated virtual production system.


Calibrate your cinema lenses in seconds. No calibration target required.

Our lens calibration system is built right into Jetset, and works with the natural features found at hand to create a precise optical model of the cine lens, including focal length, distortion, physical offset from the Jetset iPhone, and even the angular alignment between the iPhone and the cine lens rig.

Lens calibrations are automatically stored in Jetset, and can be retrieved in seconds for fast lens changes. Each Jetset Cine take stores the corresponding lens calibration required to accurately align the cine camera footage to the iPhone tracking data.


Jetset Cine includes a real time camera tracking feed in the FreeD tracking data format that links directly to the Unreal Live Link FreeD plugin for accurate live camera data.

Jetset Cine works with Autoshot to set up a Composure live composite inside Unreal, including live video inputs, green screen keying, and matte refinement.

This lets you see an on-set preview of the integrated cine composite in addition to the Jetset ultra low latency live comp.


Jetset Cine uses our integrated digital slate to flash a series of special coded markers at the beginning of each take. This enables Autoshot to automatically give each cine clip a unique Jetset take ID, and match it to the corresponding shot metadata and tracking info.

This is the automated take ID and footage handling system you’ve been looking for. Say goodbye to hours of assistant editors tediously logging 6000 files all named


Each Jetset Cine lens calibration creates a pixel mapped frame overlay in Jetset to show the bounds of the cine lens.

Use this for rapid frame-up of your scene. It’s surprisingly accurate a few feet out from the camera.


Jetset Cine integrates directly with Autoshot to automate EXR frame pulls from your camera originals. We handle the most recent codecs, including Blackmagic BRAW, ProRes4444 XQ 12 bit, and other log formats.

We correctly process the color space conversions to generate ACES EXR files, in either DWAA or ZIP compression to save space.



  • Load user-created USDZ models
  • Load 2D, 360, and mp4 video backgrounds
  • 1080p video recording
  • 6DOF camera tracking
  • Interactive 3D image & video planes
  • Custom USDZ scene locators
  • High-quality real-time blue/green keyer
  • 3D greenscreen extension
  • Integrated post-production keyers
  • AI matte generation (no rotoscoping!)
  • Integrated digital slate and browser control
  • Free detailed tutorials
  • Direct LAN file transfer
  • Autoshot shot assembly

Jetset Pro

$20 per month
$200 per year
  • 4K UHD recording
  • Remote video monitoring
  • 3D set scanning
  • Optical origin detection
  • Remote Assist for Lightcraft support

Jetset Cine

$80 per month
$800 per year
  • Cine lens optical calibration
  • Integration with Accsoon SeeMo
  • Live Render Preview to Unreal
  • Cine lens framing overlay
  • Cine camera tracking sync to 23.98/24/25 fps
  • Automatic camera offset alignment
  • Optical cine take ID in digital slate
  • Cine log camera take processing
  • RAW camera take processing
  • QuickTime ProRes4444 XQ processing