Fast. Free. Powerful.


Read 3D USD files from Blender, Unreal, Maya, and others. Drop in 2D or 360 panoramic stills or mp4 videos. Play back fully animated 3D scenes and characters.

Use Jetset’s breakthrough Scene Locators to anchor specific parts of your live action scene to specific points in your virtual environment, and preserves that 3D relationship all the way through final tracking and compositing.


Jetset tracks both on set and on location. With its integrated, marker-free tracking, you can track indoors and out, on a greenscreen soundstage or running down the street.

Jetset tracks handheld and stabilized, dolly moves and crane extensions, and it’s light weight (220g for an iPhone 15 Pro Max) means that it can work with lightweight gimbals like the DJI RS2/3 without overloading.


Jetset integrates the latest work in real time image fusion, including a remarkable blue and green screen keyer, AI keying, ‘infinite greenscreen’ 3D tracked extensions, and automatic depth compositing that literally puts your actors inside the scene.


Jetset automatically captures both the camera original video, the real time composite, a depth map (on LiDAR equipped devices), and complete camera tracking metadata.

An integrated digital slate automatically encodes each take with a unique ID that is used to track shots throughout production. And a clean automated production file management system keeps track of every shot so you don’t need to.


Every Jetset take works with Autoshot, our post production automation system. Autoshot handles your data sync and frame extraction and builds integrated 2D and 3D shots in all of your existing tools like Blender, Unreal, Nuke, C4D, After Effects, Maya, and Syntheyes.



  • Load user-created USDZ models
  • Load 2D, 360, and mp4 video backgrounds
  • 1080p video recording
  • 6DOF camera tracking
  • Interactive 3D image & video planes
  • Custom USDZ scene locators
  • High-quality real-time blue/green keyer
  • 3D greenscreen extension
  • Integrated post-production keyers
  • AI matte generation (no rotoscoping!)
  • Integrated digital slate and browser control
  • Free detailed tutorials
  • Direct LAN file transfer
  • Autoshot shot assembly

Jetset Pro

$20 per month
$200 per year
  • 4K UHD recording
  • Remote video monitoring
  • 3D set scanning
  • Optical origin detection
  • Remote Assist for Lightcraft support

Jetset Cine

$80 per month
$800 per year
  • Cine lens optical calibration
  • Integration with Accsoon SeeMo
  • Live Render Preview to Unreal
  • Cine lens framing overlay
  • Cine camera tracking sync to 23.98/24/25 fps
  • Automatic camera offset alignment
  • Optical cine take ID in digital slate
  • Cine log camera take processing
  • RAW camera take processing
  • QuickTime ProRes4444 XQ processing