Jetset Pro

Level up with 4K recording, 3D scanning, remote monitoring, and other pro features.


Maximize your recording quality while staying in the iPhone form factor.


Our integrated 3D geometry scanning application captures a record of the physical dimensions of your scene — exactly matched to the coordinates of the camera tracking metadata.

This is the gateway to being able to rapidly refine your camera tracking for subpixel-accurate post production solves.


Add remote video monitoring and animation controls to the integrated digital browser slate and remote control system.

Jetset’s animation control system lets a remote operator cue up and trigger the exact moment in an animated USDZ file that the director wants, and records this action with frame accurate precision for automated processing in Autoshot.


Even the best optical-inertial tracking system can drift over prolonged production conditions.

Jetset Pro automatically recognizes our custom printed horizontal and vertical origin markers (PDFs in the Downloads section) for instant re-alignment of the critical tracking origin position.


Jetset Pro includes a custom screen sharing system that redefines user support. With a tap you can push your Jetset UI directly to Lightcraft for rapid real time diagnosis.

Remote Assist is integrated directly into the Jetset’s framebuffer processing, so it doesn’t cause the system overhead and dropped frames that other screen sharing systems do.



  • Load user-created USDZ models
  • Load 2D, 360, and mp4 video backgrounds
  • 1080p video recording
  • 6DOF camera tracking
  • Interactive 3D image & video planes
  • Custom USDZ scene locators
  • High-quality real-time blue/green keyer
  • 3D greenscreen extension
  • Integrated post-production keyers
  • AI matte generation (no rotoscoping!)
  • Integrated digital slate and browser control
  • Free detailed tutorials
  • Direct LAN file transfer
  • Autoshot shot assembly

Jetset Pro

$20 per month
$200 per year
  • 4K UHD recording
  • Remote video monitoring
  • 3D set scanning
  • Optical origin detection
  • Remote Assist for Lightcraft support

Jetset Cine

$80 per month
$800 per year
  • Cine lens optical calibration
  • Integration with Accsoon SeeMo
  • Live Render Preview to Unreal
  • Cine lens framing overlay
  • Cine camera tracking sync to 23.98/24/25 fps
  • Automatic camera offset alignment
  • Optical cine take ID in digital slate
  • Cine log camera take processing
  • RAW camera take processing
  • QuickTime ProRes4444 XQ processing