unified virtual production:


unified virtual production:

filmmaking / vfx

Unified virtual production:


Take Your shot

Go from script to screen without anyone’s permission. Shoot in your living room or a big production stage. Create elaborate scenes with tiny budgets. Make it like Hollywood – without the complexity or cost. Welcome to Lightcraft.




$0 Per Year

Load user-created USDZ models
Load 2D, 360, and mp4 video backgrounds
1080p video recording
6DOF camera tracking
Interactive 3D image & video planes
Custom USDZ scene locators
High-quality real-time blue/green keyer
3D greenscreen extension
Integrated post-production keyers
AI matte generation (no rotoscoping!)
Integrated digital slate and browser control
Free detailed tutorials
Direct LAN file transfer
Autoshot shot assembly

Jetset pro

$20 Per month

$200 Per Year

4K UHD recording
Remote video monitoring
3D set scanning
Optical origin detection
Remote Assist for Lightcraft support

Jetset Cine

$80 Per month

$800 Per Year

Cine lens optical calibration
Integration with Accsoon SeeMo
Live Render Preview to Unreal
Cine lens framing overlay
Cine camera tracking sync to 23.98/24/25 fps
Automatic camera offset alignment
Optical cine take ID in digital slate
Cine log camera take processing
RAW camera take processing
QuickTime ProRes4444 XQ processing
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