• Increased max calibration count
  • Updated calibration camera naming


  • Feature changes
    • Interactive Calibration with Autoshot
    • LONET2 and FreeD protocols are both supported for external tracking
  • Fixes
    • Sensor width in solve file from Autoshot
    • Small fix to LiDAR depth data when camera points up to sky with nothing in foreground
    • Correct handling of 4K video for live calibration
    • Rotary offset fixed for LONET2 live data


– Fixed bugs and improved stability for a smoother experience.


– Front-facing camera support
– More starting models and 2D starting models


– All versions allow usdz model loading
– Enhancement to new user experience
– Set scans save as obj in addition to usdz
– Focal Length Override in Cine Calibration
– Set scans can be kept visible as either solid or wireframe
– Improvements to Infinity GS
– New matte mode for AI + Infinity GS


– Updated User Interface with integrated live action and composite view, controlled with a ‘ghost’ slider
– Animated scene timeline controls, including timeline scrubbing and remote triggering, with automatic timing match in post
– Free-D support for real time lighting previews in Unreal and other applications supporting the Free-D tracking protocol


– Jetset Cine
– Virtual Production with Your Camera


– Interactive 3D image & video plane placement
– High quality real time blue/green keyer
– 3D tracked garbage mattes


– Landscape left support
– New project naming
– Crash fixes


– Compatibility with Unreal-generated USDZ scenes, including scene locators
– Sorting scene locator list alphabetically
– Crash fixes


Autoshot / Post


  • Feature changes
    – Calibration tab for interactive calibration solves with Jetset client.
    Setting of cine sensorwidth.
    – Unreal Live Preview no longer requires a current cine take
    – USDZ conversion has option to convert GeomSubset Prims
    – USDZ conversion has option to scale model size
    – Transfer speed displayed on upload of USDZ models to Jetset
  • Misc fixes
    – Improvements to marker scanning
    – png’s disabled when processing BRAW footage
    – proxy handling
    – Bad yaml file handling
    – Switched Unreal renders to EXR From JPG
    – Generated Unreal Sequencer range displays match take range


  • First release of Autoshot for the Mac!! Requires Apple Silicon (M1/M2/M3/M4/etc.)
  • usdztool is now integrated into Autoshot. A separate download is not required
  • BRAW is converted to ACEScg formatted EXR instead of ‘709 linear’
  • Take info panel (i) button to show metadata and thumbs.
  • UI Changes
    • Project Folders at top
    • Tools tips on Project Folders
    • Clickable folders in console log
    • LUT selection option hidden for iOS & BRAW
    • Recent projects menu in File Menu
    • Size Column for usd & usdz lists
  • Others
    • Maya support
    • Updated Syntheyes script
  • Cine
    • Optical Flow. Secondary method to test cine video alignment
    • Matches. CSV listing of Cine Source videos for takes in a project
  • Unreal
    • 5.2 fix for missing M_CustomColorDiff
    • Wrong sampler causing black textures
  • Misc Fixes
    • Changing Portrait or Matte settings no longer requires a manual regenerate frames check
    • Missing cine video on Manual picks